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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Lake Shack part III

For the final post related to this little lake shack, I thought I would show some pictures of the outside area.  This is a very quiet lake and very unspoiled, not a lot of (car) traffic, just a really peaceful, relaxing place...............

This is the small place (the only spot we had, really) where Mr. Fix it and son #2 cleared for a sitting area

It sits right in front of the steps to the cottage and looks
towards the lake and the boathouse

The awful chairs have since been replaced,
thankfully, with vintage wooden Adirondack

Looking up from the street

and down from the house

(ancient) steps going up to the "patio"

and a view from the road to get down to the water

These are just some pictures i took while walking
along the road.............

one of the many small waterfalls from the
springs in the mountains;  Like I had mentioned
before, many of these houses are supplied
by springs on the same land as
the properties

this waterfall passes under the road
thru a culvert and goes into the lake

neighbors steps....these cottages were all
built around the same time and many
still have traces of the rock
steps from the
road used before driveways

another waterfall just beyond the other one


Tootsie loves to walk the mountain roads, 
she gets to go leash less!!

This is our neighbors walk to their
boathouse (that big one in the first post)
They own a small peninsula
that goes out to a point, it is just beautiful

other way towards home.....

and one last view from the cottage,
we really want to take that tree down, it's just ginormous!

The small dam isn't far from us, we can
actually see it from the boathouse.  It used to give me
the creeps before we bought the place, but
now I hardly even think about it

So that's my tour, in, out and around the Seed Shack
in the North Georgia Mountains.  Thank you so much for
visiting, and I hope you were able to get
a feel for the peace and quiet here.

May everyone have a safe and wonderful week,
come back and see me again!!

Until next time,

Devon :)


  1. what BEAUTIFUL photographs...this little place looks like PARADISE to me !!!!

    I LOVE everything...especially love seeing little Tootsie...she is adorable

    happy to stop by today...i just love it here...

    kary and teddy

  2. I would love to have this little place. I would live in it year round.

  3. I just sit here shaking my head. What amazing views. I love the woods surround lakes. I would be so ruined looking at that every day. Tootsie probably doesn't want to go back home with all the new things to sniff. I know you all had a great time getting away.

  4. Oh Devon. This little place is a slice of HEAVEN!!! I love all of the photos you've shared ~ I bet you and your family have the best time ever here! It's one of those places that memories are made....I hope you are doing so good sweetie, hugs and love, Dawn

  5. Your wonderful photos leave me breathless. We have a much much different beauty here. The green and your lake are beyond expression. It would be like a fairy tale to spend time there. Just so lovely!

  6. looks divine! a beautiful haven and getaway! so serene-looking! nice to meet you!

  7. can i move lovely calm space!

  8. Yep. Still got
    that lake cottage
    lust! I love the
    idea of the mist in
    the mountains. So
    xx Suzanne

  9. What a wonderful little place!... thanks for the tour..

  10. Devon, I have mad, mad love for your darling shack! What a wonderful escape for you and the family. It's picture perfect in every way. The hydrangeas! I would die to have hydrangeas in my's impossible with the heat. The quilts and beds and decor...LOVE it all. And the magnificent view...heaven on earth. I'm in serious love.