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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Yes, I am an Ironstone Addict!

My blog time has really had to be compromised lately, there's been so much going on and I just haven't had time to sit.  I figured now that the graduation dust was beginning to settle I could take on my pre-meditated post on my Ironstone obsession.  As you may have guessed, I do have a thing for white ironstone, it figures prominently in my blog name.  So it's time for me to expose my addiction and come out of the collection closet.  Let's start at the beginning.......

I believe it all started innocently enough.....when I was growing up my mother
used a very simple, plain, small ironstone platter at the
dinner table many nights.  I remember it being one of the old "stand-bys" and
held it's fair share of meatloaf, white bunny bread,
and occasionally cut-up melon

no markings, other than the USA imprint on the back
(anyone know what kind of ironstone that is? I would love to know!)

As a young mom years later, I looked forward to a monthly day
out of the house at one of the Atlanta area flea markets.  I was a faithful follower
every month for about 4 years,
 until my favorite treasure hunt, Lakewood, closed down.
  It was during this time I started to amass pieces of ironstone
that were usually cheap and plentiful
(and that's about the same time I discovered eBay too:) )

one small platter lead to another....

and another.....

which led to teapots.......

and more teapots......
and more pieces.....



odd pieces.....


vintage plates, cups and saucers

and yes, my favorite, pitchers......(deep breath here)

and more pitchers....

and more pitchers....

(I once had a lady who had come in to do a home show in my house look at
this particular hutch and said "why do you have so many pitchers?".....
I guess it must look like hoarding to anyone but an ironstone freak)

On my parlor room bookshelves the newer ironstone took
space alongside some of my mom's old tureens and heavy Red Cliff pieces

And eventually I decided I liked it so much I started buying
new pieces of Buffalo China ironstone pieces to use everyday

So, there you have it.....yes, I am an ironstone addict, I love, love, love it.  I
don't do much flea marketing anymore, but if I'm out in an
antique shop or browsing a yard sale,
you can be sure any ironstone is going to call me like a magnet....

let's just blame it on childhood memories, shall we??!!

I'm linking up today's post with
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Here's wishing everyone a great week, and Happy Summer!!!
devon :)


  1. Loving seeing all your Iron pretty!

  2. Isn't it funny how one thing leads to another??? Happy WW!


    yes......especially when you have no willpower!! I know that you're an ironstone lover too.....i never met a piece i didn't love!

  4. @Fishtail Cottage
    thank boarders on the obsessive, but that's what us collectors do!!

  5. It all has to start somewhere......loving how all your pitchers look in that cupboard:-) You have some great pieces and know you are not alone in your obsession.

    Take care,


  6. have a fabulous collection!

  7. Love the ironstone with the red back drop of your bookshelf and tattered American flags. Yum.
    Don't think I've ever seen such an ironstone collection before. Love it.

  8. Mine started with the same kind of little platter. It is the only thing I have from my mother's. I don't have as many pieces as you, but I do love it. You can check it out on my blog when you have some time. As a matter of fact, my favorite plates to use are the ones like the little white platter. I see you have those too!

  9. Oh, I love your collection! You have so many sweet ironstone pieces~ they are all lovely. :) There is something so beautiful and yet sturdy about ironstone. Beautiful enough to use for the finest occasion, but sturdy enough to last through the years! A great combination! :) {especially with young children in the house!} ;)

    I hope you are have a good night!


  10. I love the mass of pitchers in the cupboard and the way you have it displayed on the shelf (with the two little flags in a small pitcher). I only have a few pieces but I love them. I think since they are all shades of white, they look so good in a large grouping. Love it!

  11. Devon,
    Wow! I thought I had a lot of pitchers but you win! I've been collecting Ironstone for a few years and can't pass it up. I just got a large platter Sun. at the Flea for $3.oo, was marked $5 because it had 3 brown spots on it! I mainly have pitchers, some creamers, lots of platters and some bowls. Loooove it! Enjoyed seeing your collection!

  12. You might need help, seriously. Only joking, but it is a hugh collection. I don't think I have enough cabinet space to house all of that. Debi

  13. How does your
    hubby feel about
    your obsession?
    I was just thinking
    about all my collections
    and the fact that he
    doesn't collect anything!
    Yet, I think he appreciates
    the collected "look!"
    I love your ironstone!
    xx Suzanne

  14. @Town and Country Gals
    Hi are the best, and that makes it even easier to buy those "extras"; Many of my pieces were flea market finds, and it was over a LONG period of time picking up ironstone here and there that it got to be so large....I see you were in my neck of the woods over in Macon, that's a lovely city...hope you enjoyed some southern hospitality! see you soon,devon :)

  15. Oh my goodness! I've never seen such a huge...or more beautiful collection! It sure makes an incredible impression on your shelves! :) Beautiful!

    xoxo laurie

  16. Great collection and wonderful post
    I love white ironstone too
    thanks for the wonderful post and pics
    we are kindred spirits

  17. What a wonderful ironstone collection. I am drawn to pitchers, too, but only have a few. I do believe you have the largest selection I have seen. Just blog hopping around. Love your lake shack. Very cute and what a view!

  18. Eeeeeck....I'm in love with it ALL!!

  19. Is this all really ironstone? Buffalo China? I always thought ironstone was marked as such and mostly from England. But I didnt thnk all the pottery/china plants in the NE USA (syracuse, shenango, iroquis, etc) were ironstone.?!?

  20. OH Dear....You have the same disease as I do. I began collecting ironstone in the early 70s. Never had a lot of money to spend so it had to be a good deal...and I still don't pass up a good deal. So..I am very picky. I've seen many collectors but they don't advertise or share on line. One great one is in Savannah along the waterfront...two gentlemen own an antique shop there. No good deals so I just go admire their collection. I like the way you have shared...and I know where to go when I need to sell my collection. My older kids say...Mom, no more pitchers! I don't have half as many as you...mine are all English ironstone with marks. So much to learn and I still have a hard time with how old some are. I might begin putting some pictures on line ...mabe pinterest.

  21. I have the exact same little platter and I love it! I am addicted to ironstone 'jugs' / creamers, butter pats, tureens, platters of various sizes, and the occassional 'odd' item. Mine are all different marks and most English with a few, like this little platter, marked USA. I love the smaller rectangle platter you have too !!! I am now keeping my eye out for more platters / plates to hang in arrangements on my walls in dining room, living room, hallways.

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