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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Easy Fountain Project

Things are starting to really buzz around this household;  I've got one graduating this Friday and that means family and in-laws coming into town.......nothing like company to get your house in shape!  The outside has been getting a little more attention too.  I pulled out this old wash stand I bought at Lakewood Flea Market years ago, I've used it for a few things over the years, but I think my favorite project is making it into a small standing fountain to put on the porch.  It's really easy, so I thought I would blog about it and maybe inspire others to try and do something similar.  There's something so soothing about the sound of bubbling water......I know I'm not the only one who finds it relaxing!

Here's the frame of the wash stand, in all it's rusty, green, chippy glory......

Then I had to go raid the enamelware basins that I've collected over the years........

Actually this whole process was delayed;  I started to do this yesterday,
but when I put water in the bowl it started to leak, so I had to detour and
have hubby silicone the bottom to make it water tight

Place bowl on top of the frame.....and actually this one isn't the most perfect fit,
as you can tell it doesn't lie all the way into the frame, but it's all I had and
I don't like things to always be perfect anyway.....

Get yourself a small pond pump.....Home Depot and similar stores
carry them for the do-it-yourself'ers pond people.....and they
usually say what size capacity the pump is made for.
Get the smallest one you can find.......

mine's been around the block a bit, but it still works.......

Find some large rocks, not huge but whatever you want the fountain to
 have in it...I looked around and found some fairly flat rocks about medium size

Place rocks into the basin of the bowl

I create a small space to put the pump in.....

there's no getting around the cord coming up so you just kind of have to disguise it as much as you can or want if it bothers you

Add water.......

Plug in.......


What I usually do is buy a couple of small water plants,
which I'm going to do next time I'm near the garden center, and they float
nicely on top of the water.  I don't normally put flowers on top, but it
looked so blank without anything in it......

This kind of thing is so simple to do, all you need is a watertight container of some sort, a small
pond pump, some rocks and a little imagination......and then you've got your own
little bubbling fountain to enjoy and relax too!

Wishing you all a wonderful day! Thanks so much for your visit!

devon :)


  1. Hi Devon!
    What a great idea for summer! I have an old enamel tub that I planted flowers in. Wish I had a cute stand like yours. Looks great! Hope you're getting ready for a great summer. I'm taking a little time off, if you don't see me. No worries... just have kids home from school and a hubby that travels all summer. I needed a break!
    Take care!

  2. @Michelle @Shellsshabbyshack

    Hi Michelle, I hear ya.....breaks are a good thing!! Thanks for checking in, recharge and we'll see you back later!!
    devon :)

  3. Ohhh that turned out great! How pefect for summer and it's a nice, easy project too. I would love a little fountain to enjoy while I'm outside :)

  4. I love running water
    and tried making my
    own fountain several
    summers ago. I found
    that it got kind of
    scummy, even with little
    water plants that were
    supposed to help keep
    it clean. Any ideas?
    Good luck with graduation.
    You are right, nothing
    like an EVENT to get things
    moving around the homestead!
    xx Suzanne
    PS: I keep forgetting to
    tell you how SWEET your
    animals look! Love them!

  5. Could use a fountain around here too! Love this idea.


  6. You are so clever! I have made small fountains but never have thought of making a wash stand's fabulous! Perfect for summer.

    Ps...I love your white chenille bedspread!

  7. This is such a fantastic idea! And I LOVE how your fountain turned out, too! It's gorgeous! You are so clever!

    My mind is spinning as I try and think how I can make my own fountain, using this idea! have given me food for thought, that's for sure! :)

    I hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend, and that you have a great Tuesday!


  8. Hi Devon! Great job on that sweet little fountain! I used to work for a landscape company and helped many a customer create water features in their yard. That trickling water certainly adds another depth to the atmosphere, doesn't it? :) LUV that basin and frame!

    xoxo laurie

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