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Monday, January 23, 2012

Woody Loves Brenda

I've been spending the morning redoing my computer room/office area where I spend a large portion of my waking moments :)  One of the pieces in the room is a large, heavy bookcase/shelf unit (?) that I bought a long time ago at the Lakewood Flea Market in Atlanta, before they shut down.  There was a man there who made furniture using old doors and windows, and when i saw this piece I had to have it.

He had taken old door frames and put it together like a big bookcase.......

One of the things I love about using old pieces for furniture is the
"character" they come with.......shabby,chippy, old, worn..........

and sometimes the unexpected..........

What is that, up there..........??

                            Look closer.............

Woody Loves Brenda.........

                                                             with a scary heart face.......

Poor Woody, he's not much of an artist........!!

My plan is to eventually reorganize my files and drawers and use the shelves as storage, but in the meantime, I needed to fill them with something.............

I took the top shelf and made it a "baby-theme", using vintage photographs, books, shoes and sterling, and the lamp that I made in this older post..........

For the middle shelf I went with the vintage lady-romantic look, with some sheet
music and jewelry thrown in with some more vintage pictures....

The bottom shelf is still kind of unfinished, I put some magazine files on it
with a vintage tray...............

The top of the bookcase has had an old child's rocking horse on likes it up there.....

So I'm still working on it.........It will be more useful once it holds a lot of the stuff
hiding in the desk drawers at the moment.........I need to make a trip to the container store or Ikea for some of their storage containers for shelves.  In the meantime I can enjoy looking at some of the vintage pieces to fill the space.......

And Woody and Brenda will always be there too!!

                                                        Wishing you a wonderful day!!

                                                                         devon :)


  1. Oh Devon...I LOVE IT!!! I miss the old Lakewood so much!!! Those were the days, huh? I love each and every treasure you've displayed ~ we really do love so much of the same stuff, hope you are doing great sweet friend, hugs and love, Dawn

  2. Love that shelf. You just can't get that kind of color and character in reproductions. That's a great horse on top too!

  3. Great shelf!

    Oh, how I miss old Lakewood!


  4. Devon,
    your shelf is gorgeous, just the type I like, the chippier the better! How sweet is the Woody loves Brenda! I have a chippy white drop leaf table that has something similar on it! I was sad when Lakewood closed too! They are trying to close Nashville's also, so far it's hung on. They have a couple of venders there that make furniture similar to your shelf. All you can say about the heart is that he tried!

  5. The best shelf ever! Fabulous and I love how you decorated it too!
    Just had to pin it on my Home inspiration board on Pinterest.
    Sending you warmest wishes from rainy Germany

  6. Oh my goodness, Dev! What a gorgeous self!!! It has so much character...and the names are too much! What an amazing piece!! You've displayed your treasures inside beautifully. LOVE the entire look!!! What else are you hiding in your beautiful house??? :) :)
    (Sending you an email today) xoxo

  7. Oh my gosh! I love those shelves. What a find!

  8. love the old cabinet and it's rustic look. I took love to take old things and place them around our home for a old farm look feel. Love your pictures. sheryl

  9. Oh, this piece is just divine!

  10. Hello! I tried to leave a comment the other day and blogger wouldn't let me. Ugh! So I am back and it's working.I wanted to say thank you for the sweet comment it's been a rough time for me for sure.I hope to have some peace sooner than later.
    I love what you have done with the cabinet great idea! Nice to meet you and I will be back for another visit~Blessings Kim

  11. How do you get the reply or delete button? I would like that.~Kim

  12. I love the old cabinet. I really like the chippy look too. Please stop by my NEW blog to see all about farm life, decorating, cooking, and more.

  13. this is awesome!--my kind of project--tfs!

  14. Hi, I just found your blog on Pinterest. . . I love your style. . . Im new to bloggin and started one but I'm at a standstill (can't seem to get pictures to go on the top) anyway I just had to pop in and tell you. . . my hubby and I just *acquired* hiss grandparents house last year. In the room I call(ed) the canning room (where Gramma kept all of her canned goods) there was the coolest OLD cupboard tucked in amoungst all the canning shelves. It was painted an awesome green, and I learned later Great Grampa built it for a closet way back when. Anyway, I just knew I needed that cupboard/closet to be in my house somewhere. When I finally got it out of its resting spot and was able to look at it better I noticed a lot of *graffiti* on it ! on one side was a heart w/an arrow going thru it and the initials J & K, the heart was made out of red tape, almost like automotive tape. It dawned on me the initials might be those of my husbands uncle Jeff who married his high school sweetheart, Karri. So I took a picture of it, just in case I was right. And I was right, so I framed the picture and gave it to them for Christmas last year. They LOVE it !! I ended up painting over the faded tape marks, but it still looks awesome. Oh and theres another on the inside of the door in permanent marker of a girl but someone scribbled out the *nasty parts* LOL and I left that one there. Sorry for the long comment, your blog title reminded me of my old cupboard too. . .

  15. I actually sometimes like doors that are worn down by time because the worn down look can be pretty.

    -Zane of ontario honey