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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Bright Idea for a Lamp (no pun intended!! :) )

I've been trying to clear out some of my flea market finds lately, scaling down and trying to figure out what I can part with  (I'm hoping to open an Etsy store soon) and what I'm just not ready to let go of.  I've had this sweet little girls dress for awhile's always just kind of hung here and there on it's hanger and not really gotten it's full appreciation...............

I had thought I might be ready to let go of it, it was always just
a part of the "background" in my bedroom

I took it off it's spot on the wall and took another
look at's a sweet little thing......

Hmmm.......I looked around.......I've got this 
cute little lamp that gives off very little light, 
almost like a nite-lite.  I bought it thinking I
was going to use it in a bathroom for some
soft lighting, but I really loved it and wasn't ready to
put it in a place where I couldn't really enjoy it.....

Only problem is that it was still so dim it was almost
unnoticed in my large bedroom

Then I got an idea...........

Anyone know where this is going??

I am so excited about using these two together........the pictures don't
really do it justice but it looks really cute!!

The pattern on the shade shows up more at night,
but in daylight it silhouettes the dress more and the shade less

Oh well......I thought it was a good way to enjoy the
two in a "different light"  (ooohhh, bad!!)

Going to post this up with the White Wednesday 
Group over at Faded Charm......
Hope everyone's having a wonderful week!!

devon :)


  1. Hi there!!!
    I LOVE IT!! I did this too with my grandbaby's dress!! It looks so cute!! Great minds think alike, lol!!
    I would love for you to link up with a new party I'm starting on my blog!!
    It's called Show Me How!!! and it's all about tips, tricks, and tutorials!! I think your tip/trick would be PERFECT!!! Please come visit and check it out :)) I would LOVE to have you join!!
    Have a wonderful day!!
    Oh yeah, it starts this Friday but I did an intro post for it.

  2. Devon!
    I LOVE THIS! What an adorable idea!!!
    This is a really clever idea which will spark interest and new ideas for a lot of clever people out there like yourself....
    LOVE it...
    Keep these great ideas coming....
    Happy Wednesday!
    Lisa xo

  3. Sweet idea! I never would've thought of it.
    I really love that adorable worn children's hanger.
    I just read your old farmhouse post. It's a dreamy place. It has such a beautiful yard and very private looking location. I had a hard time deciding whether I wanted to live in a log home or a farmhouse. The logs won, but I still can't help thinking about the other!!

  4. I love this! I love the lamp and the dress alone but together they cast a nice warm glow. Sweet idea! I'm visiting from Faded Charm today. Pamela

  5. what a great idea...i LOVE LOVE LOVE little lights...i have them everywhere too...i even have one in my pantry !

    about my kittys...whiskey is a seal point himalayan and dande is a blue cream persian tabby...i used to have a ragdoll named oliver...i had him 14 years. we cried like babies when he died. we loved ollie SO MUCH !!!! i got him cause he was SUPPOSE to be a lap kitty. that kitty ran the neighborhood like a wild man. i finally gave up and let him kittys never go outside. their paws have never touched dirt...they just love sleeping on that bed.

    Happy to stop by devon
    have a great weekend
    i sure enjoy my visit here
    it's always a pleasure

    kary and teddy

  6. I just LOVE THIS Devon!!! I'm so in love with tiny dresses and this is such a wonderful way to show this one off ~ beautiful girl! hugs and love, Dawn

  7. That is one
    darling dress!
    I just love these,
    especially when
    they are handstitched;
    you can just feel
    the love that went
    into the making!!
    Happy Friday, Devon : )
    xx Suzanne

  8. Cute,,,interesting...a bit creepy? I think I've watched too many scary movies.
    Love your pictures, I'm also relieved there is someone else out there who designs and moves into other peoples house with plans of them MOVING OUT so I can fullfill my dream.
    Have a great day - I'll follow along to see what else is on your wish list.

  9. I just love little vintage clothes! I love your solution, and your pretty photos!

  10. Glad your still loving the cupboard!