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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Handmade Ivory Throw

Around this time of year, when the weather turns and starts to cool off, I take out some of the throws I keep in storage to use as chill chasers.  Of course, they also are decorating accents, but I give credit where credit is due and there is nothing nicer then a wool or cotton blanket to cozy under while watching T.V. or reading on the couch.  One of my favorites has a little story behind it worth telling, a true lesson in generosity and unselfishness.

Every year in the fall our church organizes an event that includes an item donated by someone in the congregation.  For the cost of a raffle ticket you can buy as many as you want and take a chance at being the winner.  A couple of years ago a woman in our church was giving one of her handmade throws as the raffle item.  My heart rate went up the day I saw the blanket that she made- an absolutely gorgeous, heavy cable knit throw...............

I told my husband to buy me raffle tickets towards the throw as a chance for a wonderful Christmas present.  He did, and I didn't mention to him that I threw in a few more bucks on my own.  I wasn't sure how popular the raffle was going to be, or how many white-throw fanatics were in our small church.  All I know is that I thought I bought a good amount of tickets that year in hopes of not only helping the church but maybe increasing my odds...........

Well, do you know when that drawing was held a few weeks later that there was someone else in the church that wanted the throw as much as I did, and he, an elderly gentleman, bought even more raffle tickets than me!!

I told Janet, who made this beautiful piece, how sorry I was that I didn't win it, because I loved it so much.  She said she was really surprised this other person tried so hard to get this one because he won the one she made for the raffle LAST YEAR, that he wanted a matching one for his other twin bed!

Yes, I am a Christian, but I don't have to tell you that I got a little, er, upset when I heard that, after all he already had won a similar one the year before!  Well, Janet was such a sweetheart, she told me if I wanted to buy the materials for her she would make me one for myself.  She does these blankets in the cold months to keep her hands busy...........and keep her legs warm when she and her husband take drives to visit their daughters in other states.  She said she makes about one or two a year, and that it's gotten to where now her daughters tell her they don't need her to make any more for them.  She was very gracious, asking me what color and what kind of pattern I liked.  I was so excited that she was willing to do this, I told her to just do one like the throw she did for the church raffle............or anything similar.

about two months later I was cleaning up the church kitchen after services when Janet and her husband walked in with a large bag.  Inside was my throw that she had done just for me, in all it's popcorn glory and loveliness...........

It sounds silly but I literally started to cry a little, I was truly overcome.  I knew casually that she had said she was making one for me, but until I actually saw it and held it and felt it, I hadn't really expected to feel so emotional when it was given to me

And do you know that this wonderful woman wouldn't let me pay her for her treasure...........when I pressed her to let me do something she just told me to give a little something for it to the church and that would make her happy..................

It's been a couple of years now since I've had my blanket;  Every fall I bring it out and when I do I'm reminded of how generous and unselfish people can be, and I am always touched by her gift to me.  I have a blue and white quilt that my mother made for me a long time ago, and when I touch this I get the same feelings as I do with the quilt.  I know I am fortunate to have another beautiful heirloom with a story to pass down in my family, and in the meantime a VERY cozy and beautiful handmade throw!!

          Thank you all for stopping by the blog.............wishing you all a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday!!

                                                                         devon :)


  1. A beautiful heirloom with a beautiful story to accompany it!

  2. Devon, that is so beautiful. What a sweet story. You will always treasure that.

  3. Oh Devon...what a precious post and story!!!! I love that she made one just for you and that you treasure it so ~ isn't it wonderful the things that remind us of such goodness?! It truly is beautiful sweet girl, I can see why you love it so! I hope you are doing so good and wish you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving!!! hugs and love, Dawn

  4. It is very, VERY beautiful - ALMOST as beautiful as the story :)

  5. It is such a work of art and heart. I love the texture within the singleton color. andrea@townandprairie

  6. It's a beautiful throw too and she is quite talented. I love the pattern and the popcorn stitching. That hammock with the throw looks like the perfect spot for a lazy fall day.

  7. Such a wonderful talent! I can plainly see why you would want a beautiful blanket like that. I enjoyed your wonderful story!

  8. What a beautiful story, Dev.
    The blanket is just beautiful...and I love the last photo.
    So, I guess this means you won't be needing the blue quilts anymore??? LOL!!!!
    Lisa xo

  9. Aw Devon! What a great warm your heart story!!! I am so glad that you now have another special quilt. Janet is a special person and no doubt she was honored by your heartfelt gratitude. And the quilt IS beautiful indeed!!! Purrfect for you!

    I hope you and the kitties have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

    "Her" and Romeo