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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Back at it

Well, that only took 4 weeks!! FINALLY, finally got the camera back and am trying to get back in the swing of posting.  Only thing is that during my time off I got very busy......packed up and moved a mountain house full of stuff and committed to opening a booth set-up at an antique mall 30 miles from here.  So since I didn't have a creative outlet with my camera, I took to the fun side of making things from my stash of odds and ends...

I've had the best time combing thrift shops and prowling Etsy........but with a garage full of lake-related stuff I'm going to have to put the creative-feminine urge aside and focus on tagging and moving things into my new booth.   I'll be sure to get some pictures up, hoping to start moving things in either Thursday or Friday

So glad to be posting again......... hope all you peeps are doing well and will stop by for another visit now that I'm back at it!!!

                                                                Have a fantastic day!
                                                                        devon :)