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Monday, December 12, 2011

Fun in the Snow

 Wow, I have been having so much trouble with posting all week..........does anyone else have trouble previewing their blogs??  I lost two posts earlier this week, but i think I've gotten a way around it, so without further adieu (YEA!!)

I'm off to a late start (for me), but last week I did a little decking of the halls around my house.  Last month I was in my local Ross store and saw this little cupcake stand.........

                                                      I particularly liked the price

                                                At the time I could see all sorts of
                                            possibilities for jewelry and pearls...    


                                                  Or an old photo with the pearls.....

                                                           or buttons, of course.......

                                        But I really wanted to do something seasonal.
                                  I had bought some bags of "snow" at Hobby Lobby to use as a
                                 dusting for some other projects. I just love this stuff,
                                it has that shiny-glittery look to it that makes it iridescent looking

                                        I took a vintage ornament, added some snow..........

                                    It was o.k., but I took the ornament away
                                   from another display, so I looked around for something else.
                                 The day before I had received the most adorable little pair of
                               felt doll shoes from a seller off Etsy..... that's what I had in mind!

                                  I just love the look of stuff under glass, whether it's
                                   a terrarium or a cloche.......
                                   you all might remember some of my earlier attempts.......


                          I just happened to see another type of apothecary jar
                           while in Ross that day, which I brought home
                            with every intention of, with a little more snow.....

                                                 some old vintage Christmas music

                                 a bottle brush tree ornament from Wal Mart (yes, Wal Mart)
                                                            and some silver beads........



                                    So I've been playing in the snow a lot this past week.........
                             Next time (now that I can post again!!) I'm going to show
                                 some of the other cute ornaments I got at  Wal Mart,
                                     and Target too.  They have some really nice stuff!!!


                                      So glad you took the time to read my blog,
                                      with so much decorating going on around here
                                       it's been really hard not to post!!!
                                                             Until next time.............

                                                                          devon :)


  1. Dev~
    I LOVE these ideas! So many pretty ways to display your beautiful "treasures". I adore that little cupcake stand--I need one (or two) of those...and what a great gift!
    I'm so glad your computer problem is fixed. :)
    Where did you get the white acorn at the bottom??? That's beautiful! I have a "thing" for acorns and that one is really pretty.
    Off to shop tomorrow. Wish me luck!
    (Hope you got my email :)

  2. Devon,
    Your cupcake stand is very cute, so many things you can do with it! Love all the snow, everything looks wonderful! Walmart has some of the best stuff, this year little bottle brush trees, small glitter churches and last year, mercury glass acorns, all for under $2.00! How great is that!!
    Merry Christmas

  3. blogger has been very fickle lately....i'm not sure what the problem is, but it's not a very nice way to be during this holiday season. hopefully it will be less scrooge like soon !!