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Friday, December 16, 2011

More Christmas Pretties

I wanted to share a few more of the pretty things I found while out in the stores earlier this month........all of these things were picked up at either Wal-Mart, Target, Hobby Lobby or Michael's craft stores.  Every year it gets harder and harder to resist, things just seem to be getting more and more beautiful (and affordable!!)

                                                            from Wal-Mart..........

                                                                A glittery acorn..........

                                                                   Sweet little owl..............

                                                                     a delicate angel

                                     and some beautiful small accent picks for packages
                                                                      and arrangements

 ornaments from Target with the Mercury Glass look...

                                            Michael's has some beautiful reindeer pieces
                                                     of all different poses and finishes


                                  But I had my biggest field day when I went to Hobby Lobby......
                                        not only did I find hundreds of unique ornaments

                                                            LOVE this reindeer............

                         But I fell in love with a couple of items from the same "family",
                         they are all made of some sort of blue tin material and have
                         a vintage look to them.  I was going to get just one, then knew
                         if I didn't get the others I wanted I would end up coming back
                                  for them (and they would probably be gone.............)

It's really hard to get good pictures of these things,
 they are much prettier in person...
and I think they look great all tossed together
in my corner china cabinet!

                        One of my favorite things didn't come from a local store though,
                        I have one of those old Victorian "hands" pieces,
                        I think maybe they were used as ashtrays at one time.....
                        but I filled mine up with some of that glitter snow (last post)
                        and filled it with vintage jewelry pieces....

                    Hope you all are having a good evening, thank you for joining me!

                                                                          devon :)


  1. Those are some gorgeous christmas decorations!

  2. Oh Devon....everything is so beautiful!!!! You know how much I love your taste...and having all of these treasures grouped together is GORGEOUS! I hope you are doing wonderful and that your Christmas is coming together ~ wishing you a very Merry Christmas with your sweet family dear friend, hugs and love, Dawn

  3. I love the owl, and mercury glass is always a favorite, especially with Christmas decorations.

  4. BEAUTIFUL...I bet you SMILE every time you pass by !They are coming out with such cool vintage looking pieces. MERRY CHRISTMAS

  5. So pretty Devon. I want to dump out of my old ornament and get some new. I might have to hit the sales after the holidays. The stores have done a great job this year with a really pretty variety of some different things. I love Hobby Lobby to.

  6. Very pretty, Dev. I love those pretty... and I like how you filled them. Beautiful!
    I see you've been busy shopping! :)
    I have a little more shopping to do on Monday and I am FINALLY finished. How about you??
    Hope you're cold is gone!

  7. It is all so beautiful I could not pick a favorite. Your Christmas display on your shelves is wonderful. Love it all!