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Friday, August 19, 2011

Camera Withdrawal

It's been a long week.  Not so much because of any earth shattering issues (although my daughter did have to put a beloved pet guinea pig to sleep yesterday, which was pretty sad), but I have been without a camera since last Sunday.  See, while up at the lake last weekend, my darling Mr. decided to go out in the canoe to take some pictures of the boathouse from the water..........and in the process of getting in the canoe lost his balance and said camera fell into the water.

                                                                  No kidding.

                              I have not been a happy camper without my camera.........

I had all these creative ideas to get started on once school began............
and now the camera is somewhere in the Canon warehouse, with a tag on it
 that someone will eventually, someday, take a look at

No Siree, not a happy camper.............

        Finally I couldn't take it anymore (I know, I know, such blog drama), I had to post something.........
  So thank goodness for saved files............I can dig back into better camera days and post some oldies.....

                                                         So that's what I did..........

                                                                  To get my fix........



                                                                          one more

                                                                     I feel better now.......

                           Hopefully I will be back with camera in hand soon.......please come back again and visit!


                                                                  Have a wonderful weekend!!
                                                                              devon :)

Monday, August 8, 2011

I'm on Etsy!

I finally got around to opening an Etsy shop today..........summer was too busy and I wasn't home much, but school started in Georgia today so it's back to work!

                              It's a little bit of this and that I've collected 
                                  over the years of flea marketing...

Vintage Quilts



And a few cute things for a child's room....


and room accents

Even a retro parrot planter!

This is something new for me, I've got a lot of things I've collected
and am ready to part with....I'd love for you to
come visit me at Livin' in the Past on Etsy!!

until next time, have a great Monday!!

devon :)

Monday, August 1, 2011

Hey Baby!!!

Recently I got into using antique pictures of babies and children around my house..........this of course is nothing new, the vintage crowd discovered a long time ago how wonderful the sepia and black and white photos looked with the off white shadowy style of decorating......

I wonder what it was like to take your children to get their pictures
taken way back when......were they good, did they squirm??

I really like the ones with animals....
like this one with the horse (of course)

and this dear sweet child with her beautiful kitty...

if you're fortunate you're blessed with lots of vintage
photos of family, and those of course become favorites

my mom and my aunt around 1930

my guess is that even back then having a photo portrait 
of your child or children taken was pretty much like it is today....
the moms would fuss over the hair
 and the clothes, small bracelets and necklaces were common, 
and many a parent probably had to deal with a fussy baby... and hope that in a split second an endearing image would live on forever

Here's looking at you kid!!

Have a wonderful day friends!!!

devon :)