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Monday, August 1, 2011

Hey Baby!!!

Recently I got into using antique pictures of babies and children around my house..........this of course is nothing new, the vintage crowd discovered a long time ago how wonderful the sepia and black and white photos looked with the off white shadowy style of decorating......

I wonder what it was like to take your children to get their pictures
taken way back when......were they good, did they squirm??

I really like the ones with animals....
like this one with the horse (of course)

and this dear sweet child with her beautiful kitty...

if you're fortunate you're blessed with lots of vintage
photos of family, and those of course become favorites

my mom and my aunt around 1930

my guess is that even back then having a photo portrait 
of your child or children taken was pretty much like it is today....
the moms would fuss over the hair
 and the clothes, small bracelets and necklaces were common, 
and many a parent probably had to deal with a fussy baby... and hope that in a split second an endearing image would live on forever

Here's looking at you kid!!

Have a wonderful day friends!!!

devon :)


  1. I love when
    family photos
    are cherished.
    Nothing makes
    me sadder than
    finding vintage
    photos or baby
    shoes in a junk
    mall or thrift
    shop. These are
    all SO lovely!
    xx Suzanne

  2. These are ALL great pictures...
    The little girl with the kitty is my favorite.
    I'm a lucky girl myself - I have treasured photos of family - you inspire me to display them, from what my grandmother told me - people loved to have their pictures taken.
    Thanks for sharing -

  3. I too love noticing things like toys or pieces of jewelry in old photos. I have a picture of my daughter wearing the same hair clip in her hair and tiny gold ring on her finger as I worn in a picture take of me at the same age as when I had the picture made of her.

  4. Devon,
    Love your collection, the little girl and the kitten is so sweet! Also love the one of your Mom and Aunt. I also have some old family photos and have collected old photos of babies and children for a few years and love them. I always wonder what their story is. There is something so sweet about them that they are hard to resist!

  5. These are so lovely Devon. I think this is such an awesome collection to have to decorate your home. I love these old photos too. Such a special piece of the past.

    I am so glad that you stopped by and left me a message so I could find your beautiful blog.

  6. Oh my goodness...those pictures are wonderful! I just love old photos!! Your blog is beautiful and I am so glad I found it!


  7. i treasure the inventory of old family photos i've collected from dan's parents & a few from my dad.
    they are so charming!