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Friday, August 19, 2011

Camera Withdrawal

It's been a long week.  Not so much because of any earth shattering issues (although my daughter did have to put a beloved pet guinea pig to sleep yesterday, which was pretty sad), but I have been without a camera since last Sunday.  See, while up at the lake last weekend, my darling Mr. decided to go out in the canoe to take some pictures of the boathouse from the water..........and in the process of getting in the canoe lost his balance and said camera fell into the water.

                                                                  No kidding.

                              I have not been a happy camper without my camera.........

I had all these creative ideas to get started on once school began............
and now the camera is somewhere in the Canon warehouse, with a tag on it
 that someone will eventually, someday, take a look at

No Siree, not a happy camper.............

        Finally I couldn't take it anymore (I know, I know, such blog drama), I had to post something.........
  So thank goodness for saved files............I can dig back into better camera days and post some oldies.....

                                                         So that's what I did..........

                                                                  To get my fix........



                                                                          one more

                                                                     I feel better now.......

                           Hopefully I will be back with camera in hand soon.......please come back again and visit!


                                                                  Have a wonderful weekend!!
                                                                              devon :)


  1. Be strong! You can DO this! I don't have a lovely camera but depend on the one in my cell phone. I "lost" it for only one day and about went bonkers!

  2. I got a new camera for Christmas and I'm still learning things about it! Only problem with me I learn something new one day then I've already forgotten it by the next week! I'm sure you will be fine!

  3. OH NO!!! That is terrible! I hope your husband has been at your mercy since then. ;) Hope your camera gets back into your hands very soon.

  4. I know you are not happy about your camera. I hope you get it back soon.

  5. Devon,
    I know withdrawals can be tuff, but if you need a sponser, I'm here for you! LOL!! Hopefully the worst is behind you!

  6. Oh, I know what that is like. After, Zeke ate our camera before Christmas...well, I couldn't stand it any longer. I went out and purchased a digital cam to get me through! LOL!! We Bloggers gotta have our pics, don't we!?!
    Love the kitty pics, so sweet :)
    xo, misha

    p.s. on what template is does the comment section have the "reply to" commenting? Or did you add it after the fact? So cool!!!!!

  7. I love those kitty pix!!! And the garden shots aint bad either! :)

  8. There's nothing
    like great archives...
    and yours are great!
    Sorry about the camera,
    though; ouch!!
    xx Suzanne

  9. I have never visited your blog, but I clicked on your photo of your yellow kitty. You may have lost your camera, but you have some beautiful photos in your file. Hope you get your camera back soon and good luck with your Etsy shop, too.

  10. I am so sorry about your camera! Your archive pictures are really gorgeous, though! I hope you can get it back soon:).


  11. bummer about the camera...i would be in withdrawal too. my computer got a virus in May...i didn't have it for 10 VERY long days...i actually got depressed one morning and took myself to bed.... it was horrible. i felt like i had lost an arm or something....

    i LOVE the kitty pictures....right now i have a kitty snoring in my lap !!!! Pure Heaven !!!!

    what kind of camera do you have ?

    happy to stop by today
    kary and teddy

  12. DEV!!
    How did I miss this post??????
    I LOVE your cats! OMG..the expressions on their faces...adorable!
    I'm waiting to hear how you made out with your camera...did you take lots of shots at the lake last weekend??
    We have a lot to catch up on... :) :)
    I love your pictures--they always look so pretty.
    Hmmm...that star looks familiar...such talent! :) LOL
    I'll email you this weekend.
    Lisa xoxo
    (I'll email you this weekend :)

  13. I hope you get your camera back soon! Great archive pics though!