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Monday, May 16, 2011

Yea!! My New White Chenille Bedspread!!

Wow, where have I been for the past week.....if anyone knows please tell me, I'm still trying to find out where the time went.....:)

So this post is about my new bedspread that arrived last Friday......Every year when the weather warms up I take my favorite old comforter off my bed.  Now, this comforter has been used, every fall/winter, on this bed, for the past 15 years, as long as I've lived in this house.

It's Laura Ashley's Sweet Pea pattern, and my mom bought it for me when we were doing the master bedroom.  We took the same pattern wallpaper boarder and had it custom made onto cornices to go over all the windows............

Never get tired of it, ever, which is really unusual for me.  I think it's just the color combo of the yellow and blue flowers on the little trellis background.........

So since there was matching bedding, my mom bought me the whole ensemble, comforter, bed skirt, king shams.  And every year, I get the comforter out of storage and put it back on it's favorite bed, mine.......

Now this year, putting the comforter away for the season, I wanted to be on the lookout for something different, something white.  I had a matelisse spread that I had been using, but wanted something a little more.....casual?  I looked at the shabby chic bedding at Target, but it was still just a little too formal for me.  When I need some inspiration (as in need to find something asap) I head to eBay.  After a search or two I found a cute chenille spread.  This one was made by Mary Jane of the Mary Jane's farm fame, the lady who makes organic everything look so easy and possible.....the lady who can make staying in a tent look downright luxurious.......the lady who can plow a field of corn in the morning and make polka dot aprons after lunch........I love Mary Jane of Mary Jane's Farm. 

So I was more than excited to see she had a line of home products, including bedspreads.  After zoning in on an auction for a chenille spread in king size (which as many of you probably know, the choices for King size bedspreads is never too exciting, as far as what you can buy off the shelf...........

 I Lost the auction............

Never fear, where there's a will there's a didn't take me long to google my way over to the official Mary Jane's Farm site.......

With the help of a wonderful guy named Lucas, he was able to pull the exact same spread off the floor of one of the Mary Jane's stores, or wherever it was that he had access to them.......and this is the best part- the spread was last year's pattern, so I got the king size I wanted at half price!!!Within days the box arrived on the doorstop.........

Boy oh boy, I was so excited....(I don't get out much, you see.......)

Shabby, white, new, cute and KING, how great is that?

The only thing now, I need the shams and the bedspread to complete the look.......

So I'm on my way to contact my buddy Lucas...............

And since I've found the hardest thing in a King, I can probably easily find some pillow shames on eBay that would look just good.........

Y'all have a wonderful day and thanks for stopping by!!

devon :)


  1. Looks like a winner! Love chenille and the white is really fresh for summer. I like how it has a skirted look. Very pretty! Good luck finding shams. Just about anything would go with this.

    Oh, and I still have my comforter from childhood. It's blue and yellow :D

    Have a great week! ~Michelle :)

  2. @Michelle @Shellsshabbyshack

    Me Too!! Mine has little flowers on it, it's starting to come apart and I was just thinking about finding someone to repair it, after all it's survived this long!!

  3. Ooh, that is gorgeous! I love it! Chenille is lovely, and I agree with Michelle that white is such a wonderful color choice for summer! :) Enjoy every bit of that beautiful chenille goodness! :)

    I hope you have a great night! :)

    {Beautiful Nest}

    P.S. I thought I was already following you, but I guess not! I am glad I checked! But now I really AM following you, not just thinking I am, lol! :) I love, LOVE, love your blog!

  4. Hi! I just found you. Love the chenille bedding. And love it when it's half off! Enjoy! Wishing you great pillow finds on ebay!

  5. Devon,
    It always makes me feel so good to change out winter for spring/summer bedding and decor! Your chenille bedspread is lovely, so fresh looking! I'm sure you will be able to find shams you love to go with it, you have so many options with white!

  6. @Jenni

    Jenni you are so sweet! So glad you like the blog, Im really winging it!! Thrilled to have you as a follower! hugs,devon :)

  7. Chenille bedding always makes me think of my Grandma. Seems she had those on all the beds. So glad spring is here, summer is on its way so we can take the heavy stuff off our beds. With white, you will really able to add some punch of color! Debi

  8. I absolutely LOVE
    this for the summer
    months, Devon! It's
    so nice to throw off
    the winter stuff and
    start fresh.....And
    come fall, I like getting
    out the other and
    putting it back. And
    I also love the fact
    that you got a DEAL.
    Yay! I think that Laura
    Ashley is going to
    experience a resurgence
    of popularity here and
    Mary Jane ROCKS. I got
    to meet her at the Creative
    Connection last year. I
    want to live in her magazine
    world : )
    xx Suzanne

  9. I love the designs in the bed sheets.

    -Zane of ontario honey