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Thursday, June 9, 2011

It's Good to be Imperfect......

Have you ever stopped and looked at the texture of everything around you?  Plenty of texture in nature- tree bark, rocks, seashells;  Birds feathers, the back of a fat's really wonderful how God created every living thing with it's own unique "skin".  Man made things also have their own unique finishes..... a rusted out old car, the softness of a cuddly blanket........I looked around my house for items that I specifically have around for their texture.  I'm like so many people who are drawn to anything that's old and showing tell tale signs of age- chippy, peeling paint or just plain old wear and tear.  These are just a few things that really "speak" to me, all because of their beat-up, honest condition..........

an old doorway header

a rusty watering can spout

old painted wicker

a vintage plant stand

the aged lip of a stoneware bowl

the detail of a primitive farm table........

why is it that I'm drawn to these things that aren't perfect?

I'd like to think that not only do they look totally amazing
in their own unique way.......

Subconsciously I know that anything with age is going
to have it's flaws

Even me

That time leaving it's mark on something as basic as an old tool..... 

an iron patio table

or a childs chair from long ago

Even man made objects can be appreciated for the
beauty that age brings......

Wishing everyone a wonderful day!!

devon :)


  1. Imperfection is the cornerstone of reality. We all have our flaws. I just don't care for things that appear to be perfect. To me texture shows character.

  2. Great post. You just can't capture history in a new piece. I like the stories these old things tell.

  3. It all looks so pretty...and well loved :)

  4. Devon,
    You have some fabulous things and the photos are amazing! Texture is so important in a room. Without it, your room can look flat and uninteresting. There is nothing better then flaking paint and rusty metal!

  5. Hi Devon! LOVE your photos today! I'm with you 100% when it comes to old, rusty, chipped and imperfect. There is a certain special perfection in imperfection. (Did that make sense...? lol!) You would certainly love peeking in my barn, girl! It's full of great old chippi-ness! Have a great week, and hope to see you again! ♥

    xoxo laurie

  6. I think textures of all kinds add character to a piece. I love patina, chipped paint,flaking, scratches, etc...they all add to the history and character of things. New things just don't have that beloved history that is so important.
    I love antiques, I love old things, I love original artists...these things grace our lives.
    You have shown us great examples. Thank you!

  7. For me it's not because they are imperfect but rather because of their texture and the way the light plays off of it when photographing these items. Old and imperfect things just happen to have texture so they draw me and my camera lens in.


  8. I'm just a creature of habit and like things tried and true. I just can't throw my favorite coffee cup away. Its still my favorite even though the handle has broken off. Love your inspiration. Debi

  9. Great post, Devon, and so nice to meet you. I'm so glad you found your way over to Common Ground! Your lake place is wonderful. It reminds me of places we rented in the summer when I was a kid. Brings back great memories!
    And hey, I see you love kitties, too!! Looking forward to getting to know you, xo Debra