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Friday, April 22, 2011

Ready, Set...........Bloom!!!

I hope everyone had a nice week.....I think spring is probably descending on most of the country about now; There are lots of posts about the beautiful flowers beginning to bloom, and this is just such a wonderful time of year- it's like nature's celebrating the end of winter with a spectacular extravaganza of blooms everywhere! I'm a back-yard gardener too, and one of the first things to signal the beginning of warm weather are my roses. I have to admit I don't really baby my roses, and it's a wonder they come back every year as well as they do. When we first moved into this house 15 years ago I planted two climbing rosebushes to frame part of the picket fence that surrounds my little side garden. I guess they really like that spot, because today they are HUGE.......and watching them get ready to open is a show in itself

Initially it looks like one big green hedge once the weather starts to warm up; Then, after about a week, the little buds start to form

Then, about 10 days after the first sign of buds, it just kind of "explodes" with hundreds of little pink roses

There is a fence under there, but barely........I think after the garden is done for the season I'm going to cut them back (which i usually end up doing two or three times anyway) and replace the fence- the weight of the bushes is probably very heavy

This is a view looking at the backside of the roses, from the porch

Of course, it always looks a little wild when things first start getting going, like it needs a "haircut", but I won't be doing anything until the beautiful show is over.......for now;  These particular rosebushes gear up and do this about once a month throughout the summer and into fall.  The next showing, however, is going to look a little more......orderly........just for the sake of the poor fence!!


Happy weekend everyone! 

And Happy Easter too............tomorrow is egg dye-ing day at our house, even big kids love to do that around here!


  1. Nothing prettier than a big bunch of roses on a vintage picket fence. If you replace the fence at some point, I hope you think of some clever way to reuse those little fence posts. Too cute.

  2. You know it Gina! Thanks for the note! :-)

  3. Wow, what a spectacular sight! I can almost smell those roses. Gorgeous post, thanks for sharing :)

  4. I love your roses. I would love to take some home with me. I would of course ask you first.

    -Zane of ontario honey